The AbsoluteAdvocacy Program© The Best Way to Crush your Fears

Build Your Best Advocacy in 90 days

Advocate effectively. Have the energy for conflict, spend less on private therapies and save time in IEP Meetings.

It’s all here. This coaching program perfects your personal performance in all things Special Education. Did you spend 4 hours in your child’s last IEP meeting, were late for work AND your agenda fell by the wayside? How many other hours have you spent looking at Special Education law, googling Disability or, posting questions on Facebook Groups? Learn to make change for yourself.

Knowing the facts is not enough…

Imagine, for example, that you don’t discover your child’s Dyslexia until 3rd grade? Are you angry that she can’t read?  Well, this program makes sure you can tell educator gaslighting and fact apart. Be prepared, so you can make decisions before your next IEP meeting becomes high-stakes.

Prevention is less costly…

Additionally, if a school dismissed your concerns about poor spelling, remediation costs could be tens of thousands, or more for one year. Think, just for that ONE skill alone! Make up for lost time. IF you need an Advocate to address this massive oversight,, you are already behind the curve. You won’t have to worry about how to repair communication with school staff, or wonder how to improve your advocacy skills. You are going to be able to advocate effectively by learning it all here!

No Advocate or attorney fees

What have you spent in time, dollars and tears up to this point? If your pocketbook is seriously depleted, this program will be a cost-effective behavior “intervention” compared to retainers. You will have the tools to make the money drain stop. There’s a steep learning curve without a program, and being able to advocate effectively can take a long time to develop on your own. I help you develop these skills in 90 days. Be at the top of the curve and avoid spending money to compensate for what the school isn’t doing at every turn.


advocate effectively


Everything You Need to Act

My program is for parents. It’s not a course. You know how explicit instruction works for your child? that’s what I give you! At the end of 3 short months, you will have a solid foundation of facts and skills. You will model and practice those skills to receive feedback. You will learn to make change, advocate effectively on your own and take away a custom toolkit of resources that are specific to you and your child. You can do this individually or in a group setting.


Resources only for you

In a nutshell, your toolkit is a google folder of personalized resources that we develop together based on your new and improved competencies. Here’s what to expect:

  • We assess what you know about Special education.
  • We identify and review effective advocacy examples.
  • You participate in bi-weekly sessions with your advocate receiving calls and email support.
  • Each month you acquire new skills. See demonstrated results because of your personal improvement.
  • We evaluate your overall success with the program objectives and address real life application.
  • You receive ongoing feedback from your coach after completion.

Not only will you be motivated to be an A+ student, you will know how address and cope with any problem that comes your way. You’ll have resources at your fingertips. Lastly and most important, what you learn from this program will be something you’ll “breathe” everyday and advocate effectively.


$495.00 per month, one-to-one

$350.00 per month, small group

$100.00 per month, group

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Questions? Speaker inquiries?

Questions? Speaker inquiries?

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