The Advocacy Analysis Report

Your gut tells you a deficit skill has been missed

An Analysis Of The Problem

I’ve been there! Thinking a standard score of 80 was the same as the percentile! Because of this, I thought my son’s speech was grade-level. Above all, you need to understand the tests. Somebody should have handed me an Advocacy Analysis Report. In the beginning, you rely on your child’s team to explain what’s happening with their education. For the most part, evaluations are just confusing: confidence intervals, discrepant scores and borderline are descriptions that make your eyes glaze over. In this case, the Advocacy Analysis Report can help. For one thing, why not get a layman’s explanation to help understand the content? You may be reluctant to ask a lot of questions because you do not want to show that you don’t understand the tests. In a room of Specialists, you may be afraid to ask why they were used or even worse look stupid.

Standard scores, t-scores, whatever scores. If you don’t understand them, how can you agree with the services based on them? That may not be the only problem. If the parent information you shared is missing, what can you do to correct that and what do you do now?

Undoubtedly, good comprehensive assessments and complete evaluations are fundamental to an appropriate program. Your advocate has read many evaluations and consulted with numerous subject-matter experts: Licensed Psychologists, Speech Language Pathologists and Board Certified Behavior Analysts. Generally, whoever has expert knowledge about your child is an important contributor. Hence, the Individualized Education Program should start with a solid foundation that incorporates information from a variety of sources. The report must detail every aspect of your child’s disability, and make recommendations.

To sum up, a snapshot Analysis Report of your child’s current situation gives you a starting point. A full review gives you an in depth report including historical records review and any and all private provider input. For more help, consider this.


Snapshot option: $500.00

Full review: $1,850.00

Receive A Complimentary Session & A Free Assessment

Receive A Complimentary Session & A Free Assessment

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