Find out what you don’t know

The Advocacy Analysis Report

You may be vulnerable to “gaslighting” by educators who have been told to tell you the incorrect facts.

The AbsoluteAdvocacy Program

You “don’t know, what you don’t know” This is not a plan for the future.


Dispute Representation

Your child is being passed through, graduates, enters higher education and his/her college says “you can’t read.”


Parent Management Training

You can proactively prevent the discipline spiral and at home and in school.

Cohesive Planning In One Place With Advocacy Services

Lumen Advocacy Services help you achieve  your goals for your child. You will learn to make the change for your child. Perhaps you can’t identify why you feel powerless or voiceless in the IEP process? To make things harder, the school’s evaluation is not comprehensive and hard to understand. In frustration, you may have been paying for private instruction after school.

A Solid Foundation

When you learn facts to inform your child’s education you become the key to designing it. Because you understand parental rights and how to construct an appropriate program, your voice and the right mindset makes you stronger. So, if you understand why the school refuses a service, your path forward becomes clear. You are closer to getting the services your child needs. See these resources from COPAA.

Learn To Make Change

If you feel confident enough to run with a plan for Special Education Advocacy, the Analysis Report may be all you need. However, if you are new to the world of Special Education the AbsoluteAdvocacy Program is a good fit. In short, I developed the program is to fully prepare you for years of meetings and prevent the SOS to professionals when plans go awry.

Hoping that Special Education really does prepare your child for employment, further education and independent living is not a SMART goal. Learn to make change for the better. Unfortunately, with the best of intentions, schools and parents can disagree. In those circumstances, you can evaluate the options in Dispute Representation. If your child’s disability creates behavior issues at home or school Parent Management Training could be a valuable opportunity to develop positive behaviors at home and collaborate with the school team.

In order to assess where your needs lie, and if you are a good fit for these options, take my assessment!

Receive A Complimentary Session & A Free Assessment

Receive A Complimentary Session & A Free Assessment

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